Sunday worship during coronavirus pandemic

β€œβ€˜For the mountains may move
and the hills disappear,
but even then my faithful love for you will remain.
My covenant of blessing will never be broken,’
says the Lord, who has compassion on you.”
(Isaiah 54:10)

Our Sunday morning service is now happening “live” at CLM and is broadcast as a live-stream on our YouTube channel. You can view the live stream below and, whhen processed, the recording will also be available here. Previous services and videos can be accessed below too.

(To view full screen, press the play icon in the middle of the video, then the full screen square symbol in the bottom right of the video.)

Sunday 18 July

Sunday 11 July

Sunday 4 July

Sunday 27 June

Sunday 20 June

Sunday 13 June

Sunday 6 June

Sunday 30 May

Sunday 23 May

Sunday 16 May

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Sunday 28 February

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Sunday 31 January

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Sunday 10 January

This is an edited version of the live stream from this morning with improved audio.

Sunday 3 January

Sunday 27 December

Christmas Day 25 December

This is our Christmas morning service. We realise that organizing ourselves for Christmas can be complicated so we’re making it available for you to watch at any point from Christmas Eve onwards. Do join us on Zoom for our live Christmas hello though, 11.45am Christmas morning!

Sunday 20 December

This is an edited version of the live stream. Due to copyright reasons, the video of the Great Conjunction shown in the service cannot be viewed. If you wish to see it, you can find it at

Sunday 13 December

An error in the livestream setup meant that the slides for the notices this morning could not be seen in the livestream – so here they are!

Sunday 6 December

Our apologies for the failure of the live stream this morning. The recording of the service is now available as normal.

Sunday 29 November

Sunday 22 November

Sunday 15 November

Sunday 8 November

Our apologies for the intermittent sound at the start of this recording and during the worship πŸ™

Sunday 1 November

Sunday 25 October

Sunday 18 October

(This is an edited version of the live stream.)

Sunday 11 October

(This is an edited version of the live stream to improve the sound quality.)

Today’s video includes an edited version of an interview with Ray Lawrence. The full interview is available here:

If you prefer the original live-stream of today’s service3, it is also available:

Sunday 4 October

Sunday 27 September

Sunday 20 September

(Sound quality of the original live stream was poor. This is an improved version with edited sound.)

Sunday 13 September

Neil’s follow-up talk on the same theme is also available:

Sunday 6 September

Neil’s follow-up talk looking at the Same passage (Galatians 5:6) is also available:

Sunday 30 August

Sunday 23 August

Sunday 16 August

Neil’s follow-up talk looking at the last paragraphs of Jesus’s teaching in the sermon on the mount (Matthew chapter 7) is also available:

Sunday 9 August

Sunday 2 August

Neil’s follow-up talk looking at Matthew chapter 6 as the context for “Don’t worry” is also available:

Sunday 26 July

Sunday 19 July

Also available the longer follow-up message from Neil, “Love Your Enemies”, looking at Matthew 5:43-48

Sunday 12 July

Sunday 5 July

Also available are Rog and Neil’s full conversation at CLM:

And the longer follow-up message from Neil “Anger that could kill” from Matthew 5:21-26

Sunday 28 June

Sunday 21 June

Sunday 14 June

Sunday 7 June

Sunday 31 May

Sunday 24 May

Sunday 17 May

Sunday 10 May

(If you’ve seen the service and now are desperate to see the full, unabridged, no-holds-barred Heaton country estate tour, you can find it here.

Sunday 3 May

Sunday 26 April

Sunday 19 April

Easter Sunday (12 April)

Kids’ Easter Service (12 April)

Good Friday (10 April)

Palm Sunday (5 April)

Sunday 29 March

Sunday 22 March