Pentecost drive-in service

We look forward to being able to worship together this evening and are grateful to Morrisons who have kindly allowed us to use their car park for this drive-in celebration of Pentecost.


There are just a few things to keep in mind:
  • We will be setting up from 6pm, start scheduled for 6.30pm.
  • We are using the section of the car park immediately in front of you as you drive in – between the store and the town centre.
  • Please park in alternate bays, leaving an empty space between cars – this will enable you to lower your car windows but still be distanced from others.
  • Do feel free to get out of your car to have a walk in the park either before or after the service – but please do not gather with others or stand around in the car park itself.
  • Remember that Morrisons car park has a 2 hour limit – so if you do stay on afterwards to enjoy a walk in the park, remember what time you arrived! If you stay over 2 hours you will receive a parking charge in the post…
Service details
  • This is a corporate service of worship – our aim is to come to God together as his people from CLM.
  • There will be no sermon or “input”; rather, we will express our worship to God and pray together to mark Pentecost, the “birth of the church”
  • Words for the songs and prayers we will use are available¬† on this page – please download a copy to your phone or tablet.
  • This is formatted for screen viewing, not for printing; most will be able to read it on a phone and it can be read it very easily on a tablet
  • If you have a flag to wave, drum to bang or vuvuzela to play, please do bring it along!

Download Song & prayer booklet here: