Mentoring Training Thurs 3 May

Appreciative Mentoring Awareness Training May 2018

There’s an Appreciative Mentoring Awareness Training taking place in Liverpool on Thursday 3 May that’s well worth attending.

Mentoring is when two or more people are committed to walk alongside each other toward holistic development and fruitfulness in ministry.

The training is an interactive presentation of the application of appreciative mentoring.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the role of mentoring
  • To be better equipped to be mentors and be mentored
  • To gain confidence in appreciative mentoring

Course Contents:

  • What is mentoring
  • Bible and mentoring
  • Tools and resources for mentoring
  • ‘Problem solving’ versus appreciative approach
  • Discuss and practice techniques


  • Appreciation of the benefits of mentoring
  • Confidence to use recognised techniques
  • Understand multiplication effect of mentoring

The cost is just £7.50 for a full afternoon’s training. The course runs from 1.30pm to 5pm.

To reserve your place, email or call 0751719234.

Click here for course leaflet.