Apology from Champion for headline

As many will be aware, an article appeared in the Wednesday 29th May Ormskirk edition of The Champion which included an interview with Neil on the proposed legislation on same-sex marriage. The article carried the headline “Minister backs gay marriage”.

The text of the interview that was published was submitted to Neil. However, the headline was added later without consultation. “Minister backs gay marriage” is ambiguous and does not accurately represent the thoughts expressed in the article or Neil’s views.

He has received an apology from the Champion for this, but sadly this was not printed in the following edition of the paper. We are thus making the email apology available here.

Good morning,

I am very sorry about that – I have reread the interview and realise there is a subtle but very alternate difference in meaning.

I should definitely have sent over the Headline for checking, I just got close to deadline and didn’t think as I was rushing.

I am very sorry, especially if you have to explain on Sunday!

Kindest regards,