24-7 prayer until Pentecost


We are invited to participate in a prayer initiative being organised by the Salt & Light church in Caernarfon. Please see the attached for details. If you have any issues signing up, please contact us for help.

24-7 Prayer Between Now and Pentecost Sunday

Becky, who leads the church in Caernarfon with her husband Steve, has had God put on her heart the idea for us as a family of followers of Christ, to intentionally spend time with God.  To spend time in his presence where he can lead us to pray for what is on his heart.  It isn’t necessarily corporate prayer for a specific issue or challenge but an invitation to intimacy with God, to spend time in his presence.  Becky has recorded a four minute video to share her heart behind this.  Start by having a watch of that video using this link.

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Although the idea was initially just to do this as a CPC church family, while meeting recently with leaders from around the rest of the Salt & Light North West & North Wales sphere, the rest of the churches were keen to join in as well.  It is exciting that as well as us, folks from Bangor, Manchester, Bury, Oswestry, Blackpool, Ormskirk, Leyland and Kendal will be spending time in God’s presence and praying for the things that he leads us to.

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In her intro video, Becky referred to a way to sign up to slots over the next five weeks (up to the 31st of May, Pentecost Sunday).  The organisation ’24/7 Prayer’ has all sorts of ‘infrastructure’ already set up.  We have partnered with them to create a sign up that you can get to using this link.

It is very straightforward to do.  Click on the link and you will be taken to a page showing a calendar.  The next step is to click on one of the time slots on the calendar (1).  This will bring up a message asking for your name, email address (to send you a confirmation email) and how long (between one and four hours) you’d like to pray (2).  Enter that information (3) then click ‘Book’ (4) and you’ve got that slot booked!  You can book one session at a time or several at once to give yourself a pattern.  All you need to do then is use that slot to spend time in God’s presence, however that works best for you.

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Spend time in God’s presence and, as he leads you, pray, knowing you are alongside others from around the North West in a 24/7 way over the next five weeks, between now and Pentecost Sunday.  Here are the links again:

Becky’s introduction: https://youtu.be/ICzb65dI814

The ’24/7 Prayer’ sign up: http://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/8e54e4