Turkey flagTurkey is a huge majority Muslim nation with only a tiny proportion of Christians. Although freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution, discrimination and persecution still exist. CLM is involved in supporting work in several locations through our partners in Turkey.

A new worker’s story

One of our partners writes:

“Missions has been on my heart ever since I could remember, but to me that always looked like me surrounded by cute orphans. Up until four years ago Turkey was not even on my radar. I spent six months of my gap year in Turkey back in 2011 and fell in love with the country, the culture and the people. As I was walking around the streets I felt like God gave me a quick glimpse into His heart for Turkey and a portion of His love for the nation – thankfully it was momentary because I don’t think I could have handled much more, it was overwhelming. I came home after those six months and knew I would one day be heading back long term.

“But at that point I think I was a little afraid of making a commitment that big when I was only 20. An unexpected illness that left me in hospital for 6 months and recovering for another 12 gave me time to make up my mind! While I was in hospital I made the decision that as soon as I could get out I would head back to Turkey. Life is so unexpected and you don’t know what tomorrow brings and I have the gift of life in Jesus and there are so many people who don’t. I’ve now finished training and am on my way.

“While I was in Turkey the first time, I was sitting on a castle that overlooks Ankara and the call to prayer was going off and I felt like God said that was the current song being sung over Turkey, and it is time for a new song. I am overwhelmed by the absolute privilege that I have that God is allowing me to go and be a part of what He is doing in Turkey and be one of the voices singing that new song over that land.”

(Name withheld – please speak to one of our mission team if you would like to know more.)


We also support Filipus, a ministry training program for Turkish Christians. Ryan and Ness Keating lead a team focused on training Turkish ministers and planting churches in the least-reached regions of the country. Ryan is director of Filipus and an elder at Kurtulus Church in Ankara whilst also pursuing a doctorate in philosophy of religion at Ankara University Divinity School, where he is the only non-Muslim student. Ness serves as the language coach for their team. The Keatings have four children, Ruby, Jonah, Alev, and Lale. You can find them online at facebook.com/ryankeating or on twitter (username: keatingr).