Ethiopia headerEthiopia… a country known in the West for the ravages of famine and civil war. But the images of poverty-stricken refugees should not dominate our thinking; a new day is dawning in Ethiopia, not just economically and socially.

Strong church growth over the last three decades has created vibrant and thriving evangelical churches across the nation. With evangelicals currently estimated at 15 million – abut 20% of its 75 million population – and projected growth to around 50 million believers by the middle of the century, the Ethiopian church is one of the emerging keys for the future of world evangelization.

CLM is partnering with an indigenous Ethiopian missions movement that seeks to motivate, support and train leaders and churches across the country as they are rising to the challenge of moving beyond their ethnic and linguistic borders. Transformation Mission Ministry conducts seminars and training to help churches raise, equip and send workers to the unreached tribal peoples of Ethiopia and to the surrounding nations of the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

Neil has been involved in this ongoing training and equipping of long-term cross-cultural workers through regular visits over the last 8 years. We are now anticipating the visit in September of ministry director Dereje Berhanu to further our partnership with God’s work in Ethiopia.