Luncheon Club

The Luncheon Club offers an inexpensive three course meal (£5.00) and friendship to anyone from the community who wishes to attend.

Membership is open and anyone may come and enjoy a meal. Approximately 65 people attend each Wednesday at 12.30 pm. Most of the participants are of pensionable age but any adult is welcome. Lunch begins with a welcome, then the meal, which is followed by a short thought for the day.

There is also a Luncheon Club Bible Study each Wednesday at 11am run by John Roberts.

Menu for Spring 2020

DateStarterMain CourseVegetarian OptionDessert
Cauliflower & broccoli soupSouth African Chutney chicken, rice or wedges, peas and carrotsMushroom & celery stroganoffApricot or Apple crumble & custard
15/01/2020Carrot &
coriander soup
Lamb hotpot, red cabbage, beetroot, pickled onions, crusty breadVegetarian hotpotRice pudding with jam, prunes or apricots
22/01/2020Tomato soupRoast beef, Yorkshire pudding, carrots/swede, sprouts, roast potatoes, horseradish sauce, gravyStuffed peppersMeringue nest with fresh fruit & cream
Chinese New Year
Chicken and Sweet corn soupSweet & sour pork, beef in black bean sauce, lemon chicken, stir fry vegetables, rice or chipsMediterranean
Vegetable flan
Cheesecake & cream
05/02/2020 Mushroom soup Roast chicken, sage & onion stuffing, roast potatoes, , parsnips, sweetcorn, gravyParsnip & cranberry nut roastSticky toffee pudding & custard
12/02/2020Asparagus soupChilli con carne or savoury mince, baked potatoes, saladGrated cheese or baked beans & baked potatoBread & butter pudding & custard