Christianity Explored & Discipleship Explored

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Whilst suitable for Christians of all levels of experience, Discipleship Explored is an ideal follow-on for anyone who has done a Christianity Explored course. Structured in the same way, the course leads participants through a study of the book of Philippians, building basic truths of the Christian life into the studies. Each sessions begins with a short study of a biblical passage which is followed by an episode from the DVD, discussion on the issues addressed in the episode and then follow-up questions which can be done at home in the course of the week.

The course generally runs twice a week for 8 weeks. Please do feel free to come on either night – the same content will be considered at each.

Study guides cost £2.99 but there are no other costs involved. We aim to finish the sessions by 9pm though those that wish too are welcome to stay on to continue to chat through anything raised through the study.

Developed over 10 years, Christianity Explored is an informal course for people who’d like to investigate Christianity, or just brush up on the basics. It explores who Jesus was, what his aims were and what it means to follow him.

You’re not asked to pray, sing, or read aloud, and you can ask any question you like. Or, if you prefer, you can come along and simply listen.

The free course takes place once a week for eleven weeks. Each session begins with a meal, which is followed by discussion, study, questions and a short DVD of about 15 minutes. If you would like to participate in this course contact our Church Administrator.

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