Life Group Resources


In January we began a new series, “Back to Basics”. Life group studies follow the same theme as the Sunday talks, focusing on Jesus’s 7 major commands to his followers. Full notes are available below. Please choose the format that best suits your group:

  • A4 sheet – can be used for printing / distribution as individual studies week by week: 7 Major Commands (A4)
  • A5 booklet – to be printed as a 12 page A5 booklet: 7 Major Commands (A5 Booklet) (Ask a member of the admin team if you need help printing this correctly.)

Following this, we are looking at characteristics of the early church found in Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-37 & subsequent chapters. Individual studies can be downloaded here:

Previous study material can be found below:

Autumn 2017 – Romans

In commemoration of the 500 anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, we spent a few months in the book of Romans. Life group studies linked to Sunday messages and studies are available below.

Autumn 2017 – gifts for service

We looked at using the gifts we have from God in his service. Life groups spent one or two weeks looking at this too. Study notes are available below.

“The Little Guys” – Studies in the minor prophets, May-July 2017

We followed studies that related to the content of Sunday morning messages. (If you missed one, these can be downloaded or listened to on our recordings page. Links to the videos shown on Sunday mornings can also be found together with the study notes. (The full set of videos can be found on The Bible Project on Youtube.)

Studies in Matthew – Jan-March 2017

Autumn 2016

We started getting involved in various activities and projects in the community – under the name of “Lifestyle”.

Whilst organised by the life groups, participation is open to others too. Details of activities can be found in the leaflet you can download here:

A4 version to print as a folded sheet
A5 version for screen viewing


(If you are looking for the home group study material on Acts from the first half of 2016, Revelation from autumn 2016, or Advent 2016 resources, these can be found here.)

(If you are looking for the home group study material on John from 2015, this can be found here.)