A Brief History of CLM

Cottage Lane Mission - old building
Cottage Lane Mission (CLM) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance, member of Churches Together in Ormskirk & District.

How CLM came to be:

In the mid-1880’s Mrs Williams, of Aughton, expressed the wish to build at her expense a Mission Room in Cottage Lane, to meet the need of the Sunday School there, and to serve as a Church of England place of worship.

The original building opened on Tuesday 1st May 1888. Cottage Lane Sunday School began meeting 4 or 5 years earlier in a cottage near to the Brickmaker’s Arms in Asmall Lane and then moved to a house in Cottage Lane. On the 6 May 1888 the Sunday School first used the new building. There were 67 children present. The first Sunday School superintendent was Miss Belle Brighouse. By 1898, there were 140 children in the Sunday School and it was agreed by the Trustees to expand the building. This was achieved in 1910 and was followed by a second enlargement in 1921.

Cottage Lane Mission - new buildingIn 1976, the original building was demolished after the discovery of dry rot. A new building was erected and opened in October 1976 and extension added in 1979. A further extension was added in 1996.

Cottage Lane Mission at its inception was in the parish of St Michael’s but it became part of the parish of Christ Church in 1929 when this parish was created. This change transferred the Mission from the jurisdiction of the Rector of Aughton, Rev C.W. Markham, one of the first trustees, to Rev J.P. Hobson the Vicar of Christ Church.

The Mission benefited from the support of Church Army Captains from 1898, with a number of Captains working full time at the Mission until 1968. In 1971 The Trustees appointed Rev Peter Toon to preach and lead services, a role he fulfilled until 1973. The Mission was then led by one of the Trustees Max Carter. A growing church demanded a revision of the leadership structure and in 1986 a Ministry Team was appointed. In 2001 the congregation approved the appointment of elders and the phasing out of the Management Committee after a life of 70 plus years.  However at the AGM in March 2011, the two elders were unable to continue, due to health reasons.  As no other elders were forthcoming the Mission was led by the Trustees until Neil Rees was appointed in 2013.